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Emma ran her hands over her smooth bottom. It was, at the moment, clear and unmarked. Emma rolled over in the bed sheets, letting the sun shine through the windows onto her naked body.

She looked over at her clock. It was nine thirty in the morning. She thought about getting up, but decided to spend just a few moments absorbing the comfort of her bed before facing the strenuous day ahead of her.

Her clothes were crumpled in a pile on the floor, and had been since the previous night. Emma knew she would be better off without them.

Her eyes lazily drifted across the room, and fell upon the sturdy wooden paddle resting on her dresser. Emma hadn’t touched it since the previous night, and didn’t want to move it.

Emma let out a long sigh, and predictably, the phone rang. Emma rolled over and put the receiver to her face.

“Hello,” she said, groggily.

“Emma,” a voice said. “It’s time.”

Emma blinked twice.

“I know,” Emma said.

“Good,” the voice said. “You better get into position. Mr. Magick will be in your room in about five minutes.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” Emma said.

“No problem.”

Emma hung up. She stared at the ceiling for about ten seconds, and then leapt out of bed. There was no time to waste; she had to be in position by the time Mr. Magick was at her room.

Emma pulled a chair away from her desk, and set it at the center of the room. Making sure there was enough space for Mr. Magick to stand behind her, Emma bent over the chair as far as she could. She grabbed the legs of the chair, and spread her legs far apart per Mr. Magick’s instructions. Her buttocks faced the door, which Mr. Magick would enter thorough any minute now.

Emma watched the door from her upside down position in anticipation, when a realization came over her.

“The damn door’s locked,” Emma cursed to herself. She was supposed to keep it unlocked the whole night, but thought for her own privacy she would keep it locked until Mr. Magick arrived.


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Emma got up, and quickly undid the deadbolt on her door. Anybody in the hall could now intrude into her room, but Emma expected Mr. Magick to be her only visitor that morning. Well, he and the people who would be coming with him.

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Emma went back to the chair and got back into position.

She waited.


She waited.

She heard footsteps.

Emma knew Mr. Magick would take his time, so she held her stance and watched the door from her position.

The waiting was the worst part. Emma’s buttocks didn’t hurt- yet.

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