The Pain Files
Exclusive Spanking and BDSM

“You know very well what it’s about, Julie, since we’ve talked about it many times. Now is the time for me to show you that I say what I mean and do what I say. I am going to spank this tension out of you, once and for all.”

“You, you, you…..” Julie stammered in a way that even surprised her. “You seriously mean you’re going to …..?”

She could not even bring the word to her lips and simply stood there, quivering with emotions fuelled by a cocktail of anger, fear, uncertainty and a powerful force that gnawed away in the pit of her stomach, to which she could not put a name. What she dared not admit, even to herself, was that she also felt wildly excited and elated.

“John, look, we need to talk about this like adults…..”

“Oh we will be doing just that, Julie, I assure you, but before we do, you are going to submit quietly and take the spanking that is due to you, do you understand?”

There was a quiet firmness and authority in John’ voice that turned Julie’s knees quite weak, but she managed to conceal this.

“John, please, we don’t want to be hasty and do something we will regret.”

“Who said anything about regret, Julie. I shall not regret a second of this, be sure of that! Neither, more importantly, will you!”

John smiled, infuriatingly, and Julie felt compelled to respond with what was intended to look like frozen, resolute determination not to accede to John’ wishes.

For a few minutes, the two of them stood looking at one another, Julie looking anxiously for a sign of a break in John’ resolve – yet desperate that she should see none – whilst John maintained the quiet, assured posture of a person utterly convinced that he has made the right decision.

It was Julie who eventually broke the silence.

“J-j-John, what did you have in mind, please?”

John looked at her with a warm and very loving expression.

“I am going to give you six on each side with this sandal, Julie, so the sooner we start the sooner it will all be finished.”

He remained motionless, apart from slow breathing, whilst Julie fumbled in her mind for words to take her through this last barrier between her and the inevitable.

“W-w-w-hat am I supposed to do, John?”

John beckoned to her. “Come over here, Julie.”

She took only the briefest of moments to make up her mind to comply and she walked slowly over to John, stopping about three feet away from him.

He stood up and faced her, then stooped, undid the buckle on her belt, then the button, and slowly unzipped her jeans, which he slid down off her hips and to her feet. These he lifted out of the jeans in turn and then he picked the garment up and folded it, before placing it on the chair by the dressing table. He returned to Julie, stood in front of her and stooped again.

Julie moved her hands as if to take hold of her knicker waistband, but she re-directed them and rested on John’ shoulders. He looked up, reading her actions and her mind, and smiled warmly. Then he looked down again and rolled the navy blue underwear down over Julie’s hips and buttocks and down to her ankles. Again, he lifted each foot out in turn, before picking the knickers up, opening them out again and placing them on top of the jeans. He returned to Julie and took her hand. He fixed her in his gaze and whispered to her……

“Lay yourself across the pillows, Julie, and grab hold of the quilt. This spanking is going to sting so I want you to have something to grip.”

The Pain Files
Exclusive Spanking and BDSM