The Pain Files
Exclusive Spanking and BDSM

“Julie focused her gaze on this amazing man for a while, then looked at the bed and stretched herself over the pillows and rested her forearms across the quilt. She turned her head to the side, then closed her eyes, very conscious of the bareness of her bottom, framed between her shirt and her hold-ups. A delicious sensation swept through her body as she felt John’ gaze fixed on her bottom, scanning the beautiful feminine shape from her waist to her thighs. Instinctively, she tensed her buttocks slightly and flexed her left leg at the knee.

John stooped for a few moments by the bed, then began slowly to brush the soft skin of the exposed cheeks with the palm of his hand. Carefully and delicately he traced the shape of the curves and cupped each cheek in turn in his palm, spreading and closing his fingers across the warm skin.

As John stood up, Julie tensed and an atmosphere of anticipation filled the air between them. So acutely tuned were Julie’s senses that she heard the almost imperceptible sound as John picked up the sandal and positioned himself by her side. She winced as his left hand came to rest in the small of her back, reassuringly, whilst the coolness of the leather sole brushed against her right buttock, then tapped lightly, twice. Her body went completely rigid.

The interval between the first echoing crack, as the sandal struck the right buttock right along the Equator and on the horizontal mid-line, and the loud gasp that escaped from Julie’s lips was infinitesimal and was followed by an equally infinitesimal silent interval before Julie’s back arched and her hands reached back to assuage the angry sting in the smacked cheek. Ready for this move, John moved swiftly to secure both wrists in his large, strong left hand.

The remaining five swats that landed on the right buttock turned the cream skin into an inferno of deep red heat and Julie writhed on the bed, flexing her legs, and interspersing her pleas for leniency with choked sobs. The pleas were to no avail and John set with determination about repeating the pattern on the left side.

Julie felt that she was unable to bear any more after the first sharp swat fell on her left cheek, but then, quite unexpectedly, she felt herself sinking into what felt almost like a euphoric floating state in which, far from wanting the spanking to stop, she wanted to draw the full experience from each swat. Unconsciously, she raised her bottom to greet the second and third falling swats and John, realising what was happening, aimed the final three with the lower edge of the impact zone right at the point where the thigh met the buttock. Julie’s whole body shook under the three impacts, which all landed in exactly the same place, but she now remained silent, apart from very deep breathing. So deeply was she affected that it was a while before she realised that the spanking had stopped and that it was now a soothing and loving hand that was spreading icily cold cream across the fiery skin, following every curve in meticulous detail. She winced slightly as the hand cupped the base of her cheeks, but pressed her bottom subtly against the ministering hand, which delivered its cream slowly and carefully up the insides of her buttocks, massaging the skin gently. Julie felt her hips beginning to gyrate, but then became conscious that she was now alone. She sought to bring her mind back to full consciousness, but had not achieved that state by the time John returned, hands carefully washed, and sat on the bed beside her. His left hand moved slowly to her thighs and began to massage the soft skin at the back of them. Several times the hand moved down to her knees and back up to her buttocks. Julie drank in the warm and tantalising sensation and moaned very, very softly to herself. Gradually, she parted her thighs just sufficiently to allow the edge of the stroking hand to slip between them at the knees and to brush the even silkier skin on the insides. She kept her eyes firmly closed and allowed her body and mind to be elevated to a place characterised by a collage of vibrant and pastel colours, soft and coarse fabrics, an exquisite range of sensations. Deep inside her, she felt the totally satisfying peace of an unwound spring and the culmination of her expression of her womanhood in a flurry of mind-searing colours that took her soaring to the very heights.

John and Julie looked up from the sofa and smiled warmly as Julie came clattering into the house, carrying a medium-sized carrier bag – from a boutique of great appeal to tweenage girls – in one hand and a large bunch of daffodils in the other. She looked at the tray, still laden with unused crockery and a full teapot, as John followed her gaze round and blushed slightly, before breaking into a beaming smile.

Julie winked at her mistress and moved to kiss her on the cheek. As she did so, she whispered in her ear……..

“Oooh mistress, don’t you just adore Spring?”

The Pain Files
Exclusive Spanking and BDSM

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