Mr. Wilkinson moved to Lucy’s side and took a firm grip on the strap handle. He flexed his wrist a couple of times to accustom himself to the weight and feel of the implement, then prepared to deliver the six-stroke punishment. He stood totally upright, legs in the ‘at ease’ position, and locked as firmly and resolutely as those of any serviceman out on the parade ground for the Commanding Officer’s inspection. Carefully, he lifted the strap and rested the leather across the taut curves of fabric that marked the shape of Lucy’s bottom. He noted the slight twitch in the buttock muscles and tapped gently with the strap…

Jade’s memory archive was running in perfect synchronization with the scene before her eyes as Mr. Wilkinson moved the strap a fair distance backward and paused. Lucy held her breath and unconsciously tussled between pushing her bottom out further and guarding herself against this unknown imminent sensation. Her mental deliberations were frozen by a sharp, resounding crack, followed within milliseconds by a white-hot stinging sensation as the strap landed for the first time and her buttocks quivered under the impact. Jade let out a small gasp, torn between a desire to rush to Jade’s side and, she had to confess to herself, a longing to be in her daughter’s place. What she found most strange was that she felt not a hint of resentment towards the man who was administering the punishment to her daughter.

Lucy could not believe what she felt, but she found it surprisingly easy to master her control over the urge to leap to her feet and she clenched her teeth as she waited for the second stroke to land. She did not have long to wait before leather and cotton came into heavy contact for a second time, with an even more reverberating crack, along a track that slightly overlapped the first reddening strip that was forming invisibly across her seat. She squirmed for a few seconds and let out a sharp breath as the pain of the stroke registered, yet she could hardly believe the force of will that kept her bent across the desk.

Reading the body language with intuitive skill, Mr. Wilkinson paused for a slightly longer interval before taking up his stance for the third stroke. As Lucy’s composure became more obvious, he rested the strap across the base of the protruding buttocks and slid the leather slowly back and forth over the cotton….. With two very light precursory taps to give warning of the landing zone, he drew the strap back and brought it down firmly, with a deft flick of the wrist, over the unmarked pale skin of the lower buttock curves.

Lucy let out a slight yelp …. and was furious with herself for so doing. Had Jade not come from the background that was hers, she might well have called the whole event to a halt at that very moment, but she knew where her daughter was heading and could see it expressed in a woman’s upper body that was pressing down more firmly against the desk, in arms that were flexed to take a firmer grip on the edge of the desk and in taut leg muscles that made the spanked buttocks protrude even further. Jade held her breath and watched with a bewildering array of feelings coursing through her mind as her heart-rate followed Lucy’s almost to the beat. Mr. Wilkinson left a decent interval before placing the strap across a strip that marked the area between the lower edge of the first landing zone and the upper edge of the most recent stroke. Again, he slid the leather softly across the taut cotton seat and watched the slight squirming that this provoked in the rapidly-heating bottom. After the customary brief and light taps to tell Lucy where to expect the stroke to fall, he drew the strap back and cracked it down to create the firmest impact thus far.

Lucy’s back arched, her buttocks clenched and unclenched in rapid succession and she flexed her ankles up and down several times before she slowly settled down to await the final two strokes.

Mr. Wilkinson was never at any stage lost in his thoughts and his concentration on reading Lucy’s body language was intense, which may account for the fact that it came as a complete surprise to him when Jade whispered……

” Excuse me, Sir, but Lucy has a request.”

For a moment, Mr. Wilkinson was perplexed and he turned to look at the squirming woman bent across the desk. Had she reached her limit already? He let the strap hang casually by his side.

“Do you feel we should discontinue at this point, Lucy?”

It was Jade who, with full approval, answered on her daughter’s behalf.

” No, Sir, that is not my daughter’s way. If she gives herself, she does so wholly and without reservation. She will not back away from the rest of her punishment. Her request is to take the final two strokes across bare skin. Are you prepared to do this, Sir? “

This unanticipated request unsettled Mr. Wilkinson’s concentration quite significantly and it took him a while to reflect upon it. He looked at Jade and then looked down at Lucy. He was about to ask for confirmation from the woman when he realised that he had been placed in a position of great trust and that to seek such confirmation at this juncture would be to call the two women’s confidence and credibility into question. He paused then tightened his grip on the strap. As he did so, a confirmatory nod of the head indicated that Lucy had read his thoughts with precision.

Mr. Wilkinson nodded to Jade, who walked slowly across to her daughter and, taking the waistband of the knickers, teased the fabric out of its snug conformity to Lucy’s posterior anatomical shape, lifted it back slightly, away from the glaring red skin, and rolled the fabric down to form a thick line across the base of the buttocks, preserving youthful modesty and a gentleman’s sense of propriety, not to mention providing reassurance for a mother in whose head the voice of doubt was still to be heard. Nonetheless, Jade was rightly confident that this was exactly what Lucy wanted. Jade moved back to the side of the armchair and Mr. Wilkinson resumed his stance at Lucy’s side, gripping the walnut handle tightly as he prepared to administer the final strokes. He looked at the flaming red skin that marked where the strap had delivered its eagerly-sought message and suppressed a very natural instinct to soothe. He, in turn, was rightly confident that Lucy’s comfort was not a matter that had been overlooked.

As the knickers were drawn back from her burning skin, Lucy felt a powerful frisson generated by the coolness of the air drawn in over her cheeks and the tightening of the fabric in dark recesses, adding a flavour to the experience that few unknowing people would associate with a disciplinary scene. She felt the line of elasticated fabric attach itself to the soft skin of her lower buttock curves at the tops of her thighs and sought to look through the eyes of the man who was now looking down at her shapely bottom.

Her feelings were utterly incongruous for a girl who had just received four very firm strokes of her strapping, for she felt a deep sense of abstract warmth and comfort that far outweighed the sharp stinging sensations that had turned her bottom into a cauldron. She felt a sense of oncoming euphoria and satisfaction that went far beyond anything she had experienced in the fumbling attempts of her two previous boyfriends at exploring their sexuality at her expense. Yet she was still acutely aware that this was far from being a conventional sexual desire since she had never allowed the thought of closeness at that level to her former adjunct to enter her mind. There was a very different bond between them.

Lucy closed her eyes and tensed again as she felt the coolness of the leather mark out a line across the area where the first stroke had landed. She could feel her mother’s gaze and be only too aware that, for Jade, this was almost like an out of body experience from 26 years previously.

The strap made an eerie whistling sound as it parted the air in its path on its descent to the waiting skin, where its impact triggered a loud yelp, arching of the back and protracted squirming and wriggling of the hips against the cushion, as the ankles were flexed up and down and buttocks were clenched and unclenched. Lucy was now in a place where her mind had never been before, let alone her body. Her thoughts were totally enthralled to a sense of longing to yield. The raging heat was a catalyst in a process that had taken over her entire thinking and there was almost an element of disappointment in the knowledge that the next stroke would probably be the last she would ever experience at the hand of this man. She was certainly correct in that, although she could not possibly have guessed how the future would turn out for any of them.

Jade tensed herself and fought the ache to be a substitute for her daughter. Her reasons for wanting to be that substitute would have made little sense to most people. She watched as her daughter’s darkening red bottom ceased to quiver and held her breath as the body returned to a motionless state of suspended animation.

The suspension was short-lived, since the final crack of the strap as it landed right across the equator of the glowing buttocks drew a sharp gasp from both Lucy and Jade, whilst Mr. Wilkinson felt a mixed sensation of satisfaction and relief as the punishment was completed.

He moved away as Jade moved back to her daughter and gingerly unrolled the knickers and brought the fabric back into contact with the red hot skin. Carefully she lowered the skirt and then took hold lightly of Lucy’s right arm.

The woman stood up stiffly and turned towards her mother. Awkwardly, she leant forwards and folded her arms around Jade’s neck as large tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her cheek onto Jade’s dress. She watched as Mr. Wilkinson laid the strap carefully down on the desk top and turned to look at her. She beamed a wide smile at him through her tears and whispered her thanks through sobs that were a mixture of fulfilment, exhilaration, the result of a throbbing, stinging bottom and a sense that she had just accomplished a major rite of passage. Jade’s hand patted her softly on the back and all three individuals remained in this posture for several moments.

Eventually, Lucy stood up and asked to be excused so that she could go and shower and change. Mr. Wilkinson nodded with a very kind smile and Jade squeezed her hand with the love only a Mother can express.

After Lucy had left the room, Mr. Wilkinson focused on Jade’s pale blue eyes and smiled his warmth into them. He moved forward and extended his hand to Jade, but she brushed it gently aside and walked right up to him and put her arms loosely around his neck before bringing her lips softly onto his cheek.

” Thank you, Arnold. You don’t know what you have done for us tonight. I hope we haven’t shocked you.”

Arnold reached back and took hold of Jade’s hands and looked directly at her.

” No, Jade, you haven’t shocked me at all. I think, in a manner of speaking, that this has been an evening in which all three of us have achieved a degree of fulfilment none of us had expected.”

Jade embraced Arnold once again, but this time her lips brushed lightly over his.

” You don’t know how right you are, Arnold. I don’t think you can possibly understand the effect your visit has had. There are things that I never…….”

Arnold brushed a finger against Jade’s soft and slightly moistened lips and looked into eyes that had acquired a semi-glazed look, conveying a picture of a very contented lady.

” I may know more than you give me credit for knowing, Jade…”

Arnold smiled, conscious that a dark cloud – that had overshadowed his life since a drunken driver had turned off the sunshine in his life on a miserable wet evening in Mid-Wales ten years earlier – was beginning to break up. His left hand cupped the back of Jade’s neck beneath the luxuriant wavy golden locks of hair that fell well below her shoulders. Softly, his right hand slid down to her waist and rested above her left hip for a few moments before moving slowly round over the softness of a beautiful, yielding female buttock wrapped in silky fabric.

” Does this mean you will be coming back to see us, Arnold? ” enquired Jade with an innocence that might have deceived lesser men.

” To see you, Jade. Lucy is a strong and independent-minded woman and it would not be surprising if she develops an independence in her lifestyle during her gap year in New Zealand and Australia. I think you will see a very different daughter in twelve months’ time, but she will still need and want you every bit as much as she does now.”

“Oh”, said Jade, ” I see you two have been talking.”

Arnold looked at her…..

” We have indeed, although Lucy gives nothing away. She is one of the most dependable and mature women I have met in years of teaching. She needs you, Jade, and she always will.”

Jade feigned a serious look and stood at arm’s length from Arnold.

” Well, she certainly has need of me now and I must go and see that she has the attention she requires. Do make yourself at home in here and look through the volumes until I get back with some coffee and a brandy for us all.”

Jade removed Arnold’s hand gently from her bottom in a manner, endorsed with the most inviting wink, that made it abundantly clear that she wanted very much to feel it there again – and in the not-too-distant future.

As had often been the case in Jade’s life, her wishes and aspirations were not left unfulfilled for long. On that day, three people fulfilled three totally separate dreams.