I am Queen of the city of love. The Goddess of the jungle. The Paris Mistress supreme. I love to be worshiped and to be given the sacrifices and gifts of the Regal Goddesses that have come before me. I expect you to follow all of my instructions to a T. I am nature, I am the mother, I am Woman. I am never wrong.

There is a reason for everything that I do. Perhaps you may not understand it, but it will be very clear to you when the results of your training are apparent in your life. I will bring out the best in you through behavior modification and your complete submission. Accepting that you are mine, and that I know what is best for you is the first step to your transformation. I am very open-minded, creative and perverse. I see domination “as an alternative form of therapy that provides stability and positive mental health of all my pets, pervs, and slaves.

The Spanking Dominatrix Paris

I know what you need. If more is to be known, I will discover it. I truly enjoy getting to the bottom of things. I am an experienced and EXTREME dominatrix. With a strong background in most BDSM disciplines. I have the answer to the questions you have, taking you through your most primal fantasies from sensual worship to the extreme spanking.

If you have any specific desires that you would like to discuss, be clear so that I can subject you to the most satisfying experience for your specific needs. Remember, I am here for you as much as you are for me. However, do not forget that your number one priority is to please me. I have many personal favorites if they are not listed here you may inquire respectfully in an email.

Race: French
Voluptuous, athletic
Height 5’8”
Weight: 60kg
Mesurments 45-32-38
eyes: Dark
Hair: long, textured, Dark
Skin tone: Creamy

Favorites: Corporal punishment, spanking, edge play, humiliation, medical, slave training