She knew it was only a matter of time, and in these moments, all she could do was simply enjoy the sensation of not being spanked.

She wasn’t sore. It didn’t hurt when she sat down. If she wanted to, she could take her panties off the floor, and pull them on over her bottom without fear of them stinging her as they were tugged across her skin.

The footsteps became closer, and sure enough, the door handle began to turn.

Emma lowered her head. She did not want to make eye contact with Mr. Magick, even when upside down.

The door opened, and Mr. Magick entered, accompanied by a woman in her mid forties.

“Is this her?” the woman asked.

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Mr. Magick nodded.

A younger woman, about eighteen years old, entered the room, and then backed out shyly. Mr. Magick looked over towards her.

“Is this your daughter?” Mr. Magick asked.

“Yes,” the woman said. “Her name is Jay. Come on in, Jay.”

Jay cautiously entered the room, and looked over at Emma.

“This girl’s name is Emma,” the woman said. “Mr. Magick here is going to give her a paddling.”

Jay edged her way out of the room nervously.

“Jay, you should watch this,” the woman said. “You know you are going to be in her situation very soon.”

Jay stood just outside the doorway, and watched Emma quietly.

Mr. Magick turned away from Jay and back towards Emma.

“All right Emma, I believe you are scheduled to receive thirty of the best,” Mr. Magick said. “Let’s not waste any time.”

Mr. Magick looked around the room, and his eyes settled on the paddle resting on Emma’s dresser. Mr. Magick picked it up, and held it loosely in his hand.

“This is a good paddle,” Mr. Magick said. “Where did you buy it?”

“School Supply Depot,” Emma said. “The storeowner is a friend of mine and he recommended that one.”

“Money well spent,” Mr. Magick said.

“Yes, sir, it was,” Emma said.

“Shall we get this underway?” Mr. Magick asked.

Jay winced and tuned away. Her Mistress put her arm around her.

“Yes, sir,” Emma said. “Sir, would you please begin my punishment?”

“Yes, Emma,” Mr. Magick said.

Mr. Magick took the paddle, and began fiercely striking Emma’s buttocks. Emma broke out into tears after the third stroke, knowing full well this would only antagonize Mr. Magick.

Jay covered her eyes at the sight, but her Mistress pulled her daughter’s hands away from her face, and calmly hugged her while insuring that Jay’s eyes were pointed in the direction Emma.

One after another, Mr. Magick dealt stroke after stroke upon Emma’s tender bottom. Emma sobbed under the pressure of it.

Mr. Magick paddled her on the left side of her bottom, then the right, and put a few strokes to each of her thighs.

Emma clutched the legs of the chair tightly as the pain began to get more and more intense. She trembled under the force of each stroke, but stood her ground.

Emma’s buttocks was dark red by the time Mr. Magick began to slow down. He continued to give her about seven more strokes before he let up.

“There you go, Emma,” Mr., Hayfield said. “You’re all finished.”

“Thank you, sir,” Emma said.

“You are very welcome,” Mr. Magick said. He set the paddle back on Emma’s dresser, exactly where she left it.

Jay stood shocked at what she had just witnessed.

“It’ll be okay, Jay,” the woman said. “You’ll hold up just fine.”

Emma rose to her feet, and turned to face the other people in her room. She rubbed her bottom, which stung terribly.

“Don’t worry, Jay,” Emma said. “I’ll be okay, and so will you.”

Jay nodded.

Mr. Magick walked out of the room, and waited outside for Jay and her Mistress.

“Thank you for letting her watch, Emma,” the woman said. “That was very helpful of you.”

“No problem at all,” Emma said. “I hope this will make it easier for Jay.”

“It will, won’t it Jay?” the woman said.

Jay paused.

“I think so,” Jay said.

Emma smiled.

“Come on, Jay,” the woman said. “Let’s go see the rest of campus.”

The women left out the door, and closed it behind them, leaving Emma alone once again. Emma waited for the footsteps to leave down the hall. When she was satisfied they were a safe distance away, Emma picked up her phone.

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She dialed a number she had already memorized, and waited for an answer. She got one.

“Amy,” Emma said into the phone. “It’s time.”