Eventually, after what seemed an age and with an agreement that all five girls should meet in the gymnasium, Jade walked unsteadily into the Study, closed the door quietly and walked nervously across the room to where Miss Walker was waiting, with a fairly broad and very flexible walnut-handled leather strap in her hand. Jade was unable to stop herself from shuddering at the sight and she stopped, momentarily, waiting for the instruction she dreaded to hear.

Miss Walker was far more disappointed than angry since Jade had never visited the Study under such circumstances before and she had made a very deep impression on the Headmistress, whose maturity and skill in running an excellent university had astounded many people who had questioned the wisdom of appointing someone so to such an important educational post.

The tears that ran down Jade’s cheeks were not designed to buy favours but were a symbol of her own recognition of how things had gone very badly astray in a moment of madness. Indeed, Miss Walker knew full well that this was not a character flaw, but just such an impetuous moment, yet justice had to be done. Her word had been given.

The short exchange of words between the Headmistress and the pupil culminated with Jade clutching a cushion to her waist, walking up to the desk, and bending across it. As instructed, she lifted the hem of her skirt and folded it back over her blouse, then reached her arms across the desk, to allow her hands to fold around the edge on the far side. She closed her eyes and tried unsuccessfully to stop her knees from trembling. With her eyes closed, Jade was very aware of every sound and she tensed at the slightest reverberation on her eardrums. She heard the soft footfalls of the Headmistress as she moved to the girl’s side, then she felt that indescribable tension that stretches seconds into hours before the punishment commences.

The Pain Files – Kinky Punishment Movies

She felt the strap brush momentarily across the seat of her knickers and tensed her buttocks. Miss Walker advised her to relax unless she wanted to intensify the pain, so she did, just as the first of six strokes came crisply down across the taut navy blue cotton. Jade’s body tensed violently in response to the sharp pain of the first disciplinary implement ever to strike her bottom and her knees shook uncontrollably.

Jade surprised nobody more than herself by her ability to maintain a degree of composure and to maintain her hold on the desk throughout the strapping, but once she stood up, the tears flowed and her hands reached back in a desperate bid to soothe the heat raging in her posterior curves. She hopped discreetly from one foot to the other and watched as Miss Walker put the strap away, before turning to her, with a smile, and walking towards her to embrace her warmly and assure her that this had been a totally out-of-character event and that Jade would never find herself in such a situation again. On this occasion, unusually, Miss Walker’s prediction proved incorrect!

Jade, having been dismissed, left the Study with as much dignity as she could muster, before heading quickly to the gym, for in-depth analysis and mutual inspection with her friends.

Lucy was still drying her shoulder-length chestnut hair as she entered the kitchen. She walked over to the large, heavy farmhouse-type table where her mother was making one or two alterations to a dress, pulled out a chair, and turned it around before sitting down. Jade greeted her daughter with a brief look up before she continued with her detailed work. For a few moments, the two women exchanged frivolous banter with one another, but the tone changed suddenly as Lucy finished drying her hair, shook her head to disentangle the rich-colored strands from one another, put the towel on the table and folded her arms over the back of the chair. She leaned forward, rested her chin on her hands, and fixed her mother in a sparkling gaze from her hazel eyes.

” Mum,…..”

At first, Jade thought that the tone of this channel-opening communication heralded a request from Lucy for financial support in readiness for an expedition with friends, but this was not quite the usual financial pleading tone and Jade was momentarily concerned, wondering if Lucy had some problem she needed to share. Carefully, she replaced the needle in the cushion at the top of her sewing basket, put the dress down over the back of the chair alongside her and rested her arms on the table, returning Lucy’s fresh gaze and looking intently at those eyes that brought a very brief stab of pain to her, reminding her, as they always did, of how Lucy had come by such an unusually striking eye color. She felt a wave of sadness, but also an of great love, pride, and joy in the lovely woman who was almost a sister to her. As always, she just managed to control herself and she acknowledged the invitation to dialogue with a slow, cautious..

” Yeesssss….”

The conversation soon got into full swing and Jade sat, increasingly open-mouthed, as the thoughts that had taken shape and set in her daughter’s mind found expression in words that took Jade completely by surprise. Logically and in a very calm tone, Lucy explained to her mother exactly what she had in mind and how this had come about.

Joe was an extremely competent adjunct and was blessed with a commanding but benign presence that had won him a good measure of respect and appreciation from colleagues and pupils alike. He was not overtly macho in any way, yet there was no mistaking the fact that he had kept himself in very good trim and it was not difficult to see how useful he had been in the very successful rugby club for which he played. His ability to maintain good discipline in the classroom was due as much to his interesting style of teaching and his ability to communicate as it was to a very strong personality and a healthily authoritarian presence at the head of his class. He could always be relied upon to answer genuine questions factually and honestly, also to give short shrift to time-wasters who were foolish enough to attempt to derail his curricular timetable with their tactics. He was, in fact, a totally dedicated adjunct and there had been a great deal of talk in the Common Room of his imminent advance from Head of the Science Department to headship at a major comprehensive university.

With the hours of her university life ticking away at a furious pace, the respite afforded by the end of examinations had allowed Lucy’s mind to drift … and drift it had, for there was something about this adjunct in particular that had become embedded deep inside her mind. The idea of any kind of ‘boyfriend’ relationship had never really entered her head since that was not what her feelings told her; nor, as she well knew, would he acknowledge any such a thought with anything more than a kind dismissive smile. Even though he was well used to the rough and tumble of life, he was not a man given to causing unnecessary pain to anyone. Neither was this really a 22yo girl’s crush, for she had gone through that three years earlier – and it had been an unbelievably wonderful French assistante who had been the object of that attachment.


No, this was something Lucy had not experienced before, except fleetingly with her late father. It was something about a sensation of wanting to experience real control at the hand of someone for whom she had great respect and, if the truth be known, a great deal of affection. Her father had never once laid an angry hand upon her and had always reasoned with her or, failing that, brought the strength of his naval officer’s character to bear upon a difficult situation. He had never needed to resort to physical enforcement.

Three weeks before the end of term, Lucy had been sitting through a lengthy action replay of the A-level paper on a hot summer’s afternoon and had been staring out of the window across the playing field, trying very hard not to engage the gaze of this man towards whom she was feeling more and more attached. But what on Earth was it that was creating this seemingly irresistible magnetism. It was then, in fact, that her mother’s reluctant confessions on the previous evening had finally brought the picture into focus. Lucy knew exactly what she wanted to do. She also knew she was facing an almost insurmountable problem, since there was no way in which squeaky clean Mr. Wilkinson was going to be won round to her way of thinking ….. unless she resorted to a great deal of cunning. As it happens, this was a commodity that was not in short supply where Lucy was concerned and a plan was already evolving in her extremely astute mind.